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Consolidating your debts: A first step toward sound financial management

Consolidate your debts with an efficient debt consolidation loan

Debt consolidation is an effective way to gain control over your debt burden and achieve budgetary balance. It involves taking out a single private mortgage loan secured by your property in the amount owed to your creditors, in order to have only one creditor and pay a lower interest rate.
In addition to loosening up your budget, paying off your debts will improve your credit score by lowering your credit utilization ratio. By managing your finances soundly, you will be able to easily repay this new private mortgage loan by making periodic capital repayments or refinancing your property over the medium term through a conventional banking institution.

Am I qualified?

My property is a single-family home, a condominium, a commercial building or an income property.

My property is located in an urban area with services.

Combined, my current mortgage loan and the debts I want to consolidate are less than or equal to 75% of the value of my property.


Credit repair

By consolidating your debts with a private mortgage loan, you will be lowering your credit utilization ratio. How? Since our loans are not reported to credit agencies, all of your reimbursed debts will be marked as paid, without showing that a new loan was taken out.

A single monthly payment

You will no longer have to use a calendar to track your different payments, to make sure you don’t miss one. When you consolidate all your debts through a private mortgage loan, you will only have one monthly payment to make.

An advantageous interest rate

Stop paying the abusive interest rates charged on most credit cards and other types of unsecured loans. Our private mortgage loans save you interest and let you make a lower monthly payment than with your previous financial obligations.

« Success Story » : Helping Entrepreneurs Realize Their Big Dreams


Panagiotis was a young entrepreneur who dreamed of big success. But when he started his first company, business troubles began to pile up. His cash flow was low, bills weren’t being paid on time, and he was having to deal with Revenue Canada’s questions about his accumulated earnings.

Pana just needed a break — a simple financial solution to get him out of his current situation so he could really focus on building his business.

But how was he going to do this?

Personal loans had a demanding payment structure and an interest rate of 29.9% or more, which was simply unreasonable for a man already struggling with money — he needed a way out of a whole. He certainly didn’t need to dig himself any deeper.

How a young business owner fixed his money woes to build a thriving business

Fortunately, a business mentor told Pana about Victoria Financial. As a private mortgage lender, Victoria Financial gives small business owners the opportunity to consolidate their debts with a mortgage. Pana worked with a Victoria Financial agent, and they were able to structure a second mortgage, which would help him get back on his feet and back to building his business. He also opted for prepaid interest to ease his monthly cash flow.

Empowered with greater clarity and control over his finances, Panagiotis was able to dedicate the necessary time and energy to accelerate his business development and build a lucrative enterprise that continues to grow today.

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