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A private mortgage for an acquisition or refinancing? Why not?

Quick and flexible mortgage financing

It is now possible to get private mortgage financing to purchase a new property or refinance one you own. As a private lender, we apply more relaxed financing criteria that do not take your credit score or income into account. Instead, we grant our private loans mainly on the basis of your property’s market value. You can therefore take out a first mortgage loan for up to 75% of your property’s market value. It is the quickest and easiest way to get the financing you want.

Am I qualified?

My property is a single-family home, a condominium, a commercial building, an income property or a vacant lot.

My property is located in an urban area with services.

The financing I want is less than or equal to 75% of the value of my property.


Quicker than with a conventional bank

Having a conventional mortgage application approved can take several days. With Victoria Financial, you can fill out our secure online application form in under five minutes and receive an answer the same day.

A very simple process

No need to submit tons of paperwork and have a certain debt ratio to qualify. We give our private loans based mainly on your property’s available equity.

Flexible terms

Your ability to repay is very important to us. For this reason, we offer payment terms that let you reduce your monthly payments and even pay all of the interest in advance.

« Success Story » : Realizing a Canadian Dream


M. and Mme Wang immigrated to Quebec in 2018 with the hopes of building a better life for their family. Within two years, they’d bought their first home and were looking for other investment opportunities.

Savvy the entrepreneurs, M. and Mme Wang had studied the market and identified Montreal’s downtown as the ideal locale to invest in property.

After a careful search, the Wangs decided to purchase a well-appointed condo in the coveted Griffintown neighbourhood. Given the area’s high-demand for rentals, and with a 25% cash down payment, the Wangs felt certain that they’d be approved for a mortgage.

They were shocked when the bank declined their loan application, citing their income ratios and lack of credit history as the reason.

Sadly, the bank did not see the potential that the Wangs saw in themselves.

It simply wasn’t fair. Hard-working entrepreneurs should be able to grow their wealth through savvy investments. The Wangs had worked tooth and nail to achieve great things in a short period of time. They shouldn’t lose out on great opportunities just because they haven’t accumulated credit.

But the Wangs weren’t defeated. They just needed a better way to achieve their business goals.

How the Wangs built their property management business with the help of a private mortgage

Fortunately, a friend told the Wangs about Victoria Financial. As a private mortgage lender Victoria Financials helps ambitious people, like the Wangs, achieve their dreams by offering flexible financing options. The Wangs didn’t even know private mortgage loans existed and it was exactly what they needed.

The Wangs simply filled out an application, spoke to a VF representative and were approved within 24 hours. Having the money they needed, the Wangs purchased their first investment property.

Now, the Wangs are enjoying the benefits of consistent passive income from the condo rental, building a thriving property management business, and living their Canadian dream.

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