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Private mortgages adapted to every circumstance

A private mortgage:

We at Victoria Financial believe that access to your property’s net equity should not be hindered by your credit score or income. And we understand that, when financing is needed, time is often critical.

We are therefore committed to offering you simple, quick and flexible financing solutions.

Since 2013, we have allowed thousands of Canadians to get the funds they needed at times that were important to them, without having to go through a difficult bank application process.

You deserve better financing options

Thousands of property owners and real estate investors can’t get the financing they need from conventional banks. Many go to alternative lenders and end up paying outrageous fees. We at Victoria Financial believe you should be able to get quick, simple financing, without overpaying. For that reason, we offer these private mortgage products:

Acquisition or refinancing loans

Get private mortgage financing to purchase a new property or refinance one you own, without needing a minimum credit score. Our first mortgage loans allow you to get up to 75% of your property’s market value. It is the quickest and easiest way to get the financing you want. The monthly payments and loan duration can be tailored to meet your needs.

Second mortgages

Get additional funds thanks to a second mortgage, while keeping your current conventional mortgage with its low interest rate. You will continue making payments on the first mortgage while also making payments on the second. Whether you want to renovate, consolidate your debts or pay a 60-day notice, rest assured that your second mortgage will be adapted to your situation and needs.

Debt consolidation loans

Reduce your total monthly payments by consolidating your debts with high interest rates to a single private mortgage loan secured by your property. In addition to loosening up your budget, paying off your debts will improve your credit score. By managing your finances soundly, you will be able to easily repay this new mortgage loan by making periodic capital repayments or refinancing your property through a conventional banking institution.

Real estate investment loans

Don’t miss any more opportunities because of slow financing! Our private mortgages let you secure your acquisitions and increase the number of real estate transactions you can do simultaneously, and therefore improve your profitability as an investor. We offer financing solutions that are adapted to real estate investors planning to own properties for a short period (flipping) and/or wanting to buy properties quickly without having to jump through all the hoops required by conventional banking institutions.

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