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A second mortgage,
for life’s unexpected events

Access liquidities thanks to a second mortgage

With a second mortgage, it is now possible to quickly obtain additional funds by using your property’s available equity, without making major changes to your finances. A second mortgage lets you borrow more while keeping your current conventional mortgage with its low interest rate. You will continue making payments on the first mortgage while also making payments on the second. We know that no one is immune to unforeseen circumstances such as needing money for urgent repairs or wanting to consolidate certain debts. You can rest assured that your second mortgage will be adapted to your situation and needs.

Am I qualified?

My property is a single-family home, a condominium, a commercial building or an income property.

My property is located in an urban area with services.

Combined, my current mortgage loan and new mortgage loan will be less than or equal to 75% of the value of my property.


Quicker than with a conventional bank

Having a conventional mortgage application approved can take several days. With Victoria Financial, you can fill out our secure online application form in under five minutes and get an answer the same day.

A very simple

No need to submit tons of paperwork and have a certain debt ratio to qualify. We grant second mortgage loans based mainly on your property’s available equity.

An advantageous interest rate

Stop paying the abusive interest rates charged on most credit cards and other types of unsecured loans. Our second mortgage loans let you save interest while reducing your monthly payments.

« Success Story » : Helping Families Get the Lifestyle They Deserve


Michel was a happy father of two, with one more child on the way. Wanting to make more space for his growing family, Michel intended to put a small addition on his triplex. He was confident that getting financing for the project would be easy. After all, he had a good amount of equity in his home, thanks to its prime location and Montreal’s recent real estate boom.

Unfortunately, in previous years, Michel’s precarious work situation meant that he had missed a few mortgage payments. Because of his bad credit, Michel’s bank declined his application for a second mortgage loan.

Michel was frustrated and confused. He was a hard-working dad who just wanted to build a better life for his family. He now had a secure income and a significant value to leverage from his property. Why did the banks have to be so inflexible?

How a second mortgage helped a loving father give his family a better home

That’s when he found Victoria Financial. As a private mortgage lender, Victoria Financial helps clients get access to mortgage financing based on their property’s net available equity. Working closely with a VF agent, Michel was able to get the second mortgage he needed to improve his property, while also developing a clear strategy for consolidating his debt.

With the help of Victoria Financial, Michel had the money to make improvements to his home, and a clear path for debt consolidation, giving him the freedom he needed to take back control and give his family the life they deserve.

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