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Secure your real estate investment property loan

Requiring quick access to capital is a critical issue for most real estate investors. Don’t let opportunities in real estate investment and purchase-resell (flipping) pass you by because of complicated bank processes! With us as your partner, you will have access to private mortgage loans that will let you secure your acquisitions and increase the number of real estate transactions you can do simultaneously, and therefore improve your profitability as an investor. Our financing solutions are adapted to real estate investors planning to own properties for a short period (flipping) and/or wanting to buy properties quickly without having to jump through all the hoops required by conventional banking institutions.

Am I qualified?

I want to acquire a single-family home, a condominium, a commercial building, an income property or a vacant lot.

The acquisition is located in an urban area with services.

I have a down payment of 25% of the purchase price.


Quicker than with a conventional bank

Having a conventional mortgage application approved can take several days. With Victoria Financial, you can fill out our secure online application form in under five minutes and get an answer the same day.

A very simple

No need to submit tons of paperwork and have a certain debt ratio to qualify. We grant our private loans based mainly on your property’s available equity.

An open mind and creative spirit

Whether the property you want is vacant or requires major work, we understand that your goal is to maximize your return on investment. We will analyze your project through an entrepreneurial lens to offer you the right mortgage loan.

« Success Story » : Flipping the Switch to Build Something Beautiful


The Labelle family loved all things real estate. Mom, Marie-Jeanne, and her two sons, Marc and Benoit, had previous success renovating and flipping two properties — their original family home and a small duplex they inherited from an aunt.

With the boy’s carpentry experience along with Marie-Jeanne’s deep understanding of the Montreal real estate market and her exceptional staging and decor skills, the Labelle’s knew they had what it takes to grow their wealth through strategic property investment.

And they had a very clear plan —

  • They identified three specific neighborhoods close to public transit and good amenities on the Island of Montreal
  • They had a solid track record of converting dated, shoe-box-style properties into open-concept modern homes, perfect for young families
  • Through rigorous market research, they understood the value of converting cramped duplexes into spacious single-family dwellings

With their skills, research and previous successes, the Labelle’s were confident they’d receive financing for their enterprise.

But conventional banks didn’t see their potential. Adverse to short-term loans, traditional lenders repeatedly declined the Labelle family’s applications for a mortgage to invest in real estate.

It was a stressful ordeal for everyone. The Labelle’s had a solid business idea and the skills to make it work. They just needed someone to see it too.

How the Labelle’s used short-term mortgages to become house-flipping moguls

Finally, they found Victoria Financial. After carefully presenting their business plan to a VF agent, the Labelle’s were able to secure a mortgage for their first real estate flip. It was a huge success.

3 years later, Victoria Financial has partnered with Marie-Jeanne, Marc and Benoit on 8 highly lucrative property flips. With the right money lender, the Labelle’s have what it takes to grow their business, pursue their passion, and live their dreams.

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