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“You will be blown away by the speed and professionalism with which Victoria Financial handles your financial needs!”

We needed an extra $20,000 to finish the renovation of our house to maximize the selling price. While on maternity leave my wife earned less so our combined income was not enough for our bank to refinance. We called Victoria Financial and we got a second mortgage loan in less than a week!

D’Élias, Laval – September, 2016

For 6 months I had not paid off my mortgage and I had a 60-day notice from my bank expiring in a few days. Victoria Financial handled all communication with the bank to stop the foreclosing procedure and provided us with a second mortgage loan to put right the default with the bank.

Bentley, Lasalle – November, 2015

I needed $50,000 for a personal project. I have absolutely no financial problem, excellent credit, but insufficient declared income to obtain funds from a conventional bank. I got a second mortgage loan with Victoria Financial in less than a week. No proof of income asked.

Roma, Saint-Laurent, 2015

“Victoria Financial offers adapted and comprehensive mortgage solutions!”

When I contacted Victoria Financial, I had 5 days left before being evicted from my house by the bailiff due to a claim of more than $100,000 from Government of Québec. Victoria Financial has been able to provide me with a mortgage solution while handling the communication with the Government of Québec. In the end the claim was reduced to 8,000$ and this step saved my house! Well done!

M. Lachapelle, Repentigny – June, 2014

When I lost my job and the income stopped coming there were soon an unpaid credit card, and unpaid mortgage. Under those conditions, I could not refinance with a conventional financial institution. When I called Victoria Financial the 60-day notice that I received from my financial institution had just expired. In less than 4 days we have been able to refinance the amount due to the bank and a little extra for my personal needs.

M. Guihard, Pierrefond – July, 2013

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